Memorial Day | Thank you veterans!

In honor of our veterans, Irama Valdes, P.A. would like to extend our sincerest gratitude by offering all veterans a 20% discount on estate planning services during the month of June. To schedule a consultation, please send us an email at or call our office at 786–671–7829.

Is your child gifted?

So, the title of this blog post is probably pretty misleading since what I’m about to tell you is not impacted in the slightest by your child’s ability to perform calculus equations in his or her head.  However, it was inspired by a new movie released in theaters on April 7, 2017 called “Gifted” staring…

5 Great Tips on Asking For a Raise

This post may not deal with the subjects of Probate, Guardianship, or Estate Planning, but this is something we can all relate to. Robert Herjavec, most commonly recognized from the hit TV show, Shark Tank, offers five pieces of solid advice on asking for a raise. Just click HERE for the article. One thing to remember: When your…

Now THIS is a Nursing Home!!

It’s not often we get to report good news when it comes to nursing facilities. Most of the time it is a horrible story on poor hygiene or elder abuse, but NOT TODAY! Jean Makesh, CEO of Lantern assisted living facilities, has created a beautiful nursing facility that makes its residents feel “right at home.”Makesh created an environment residents are proud to call their home, even if they don’t remember their own name. Instead of rooms or units, each resident gets a “home” on a quiet little

My Will: Where do I start?

Having a will is just as important for ordinary folks as it is for multi- millionaires–and failing to organize your estate is a major financial mistake for anyone. CNBC’s Sharon Epperson offers simple steps to help you set up your will. Check out the extremely useful video HERE or click on the image above. If you can’t…