A real estate lawyer can provide in-depth legal explanations about all transaction documents that you are required to sign when buying or selling real estate. A real estate attorney can also perform a comprehensive title search and examination before you buy a property to ensure that there are no potential title issues such as encumbrances, defects, or restrictions on the title. Moreover, a real estate attorney can handle complex real estate transactions and draft more intricated transaction documents that may be needed to complete the closing. Real estate transactions are costly decisions that could have legal repercussions. It’s important to ensure that all your title work is done properly at the hands of experienced real estate attorneys.



Hiring a real estate attorney to represent you in the sale of your property means that, as the seller, your interests will be represented throughout the entire closing process. A real estate attorney can prepare and review the real estate purchase contract and closing documents to ensure the seller’s best interests are met and that there are no mistakes or title issues that could hinder the transaction. Additionally, a real estate attorney can provide oversight of the entire transaction, as well as represent the seller during deadlines and negotiations to reach the most desirable outcome possible for the seller. Sellers who wish the sale to go as smoothly as possible should hire a real estate attorney to represent them throughout the entire transaction.


A seller can hire a real estate attorney to prepare all documents involved in the sale of real property. A real estate attorney prepares the real estate contract according to the seller’s objectives and can also prepare the deed (and other documents needed to close) on behalf of the seller. Sellers who want to ensure that all transaction documents are properly drafted in accordance to their objectives should hire a real estate attorney to prepare the sale documents on their behalf.




Buyers of real estate property can hire a real estate attorney to guide them through the transaction with clarity and confidence. The real estate attorney reviews all documentation prepared by the seller’s attorney, as well as loan documents, to ensure the buyer’s wishes and expectations are met and prepares any necessary closing documents. The attorney also ensures all contract deadlines are met, taking pressure off the buyer. The attorney represents the buyer during negotiations and provides legal advice and explanations about all transaction documents and processes. Moreover, a real estate attorney can anticipate and resolve potential title issues that could leave a buyer exposed to possible risks. Give us a call to ensure your best interests are represented when making your next purchase of real estate.



In a short sale, a mortgage lender agrees to accept a payoff for less than the owed amount to facilitate the sale of the property by a financially distress owner. In other words, the property sells for less than is owed to the lender, and the lender may forgive the difference on the loan. It offers sellers the possibility to avoid foreclosure and the negative credit implications that result from it and provides buyers with the opportunity to purchase real property below market value. However, because this process requires negotiation and the approval of multiple parties, it is important to find a real estate attorney to represent you, advise you, and assist you throughout the possibly complicated process. A real estate attorney can provide in-depth legal explanations and also negotiate on your behalf during this complicated process. A real estate attorney may be able to obtain relocation assistance monies to the seller as well as forgiveness on the difference of the loan payoff.



An experienced real estate attorney can help you defend against and mitigate the effects of a foreclosure action. When you choose to have an attorney represent you in a foreclosure action, the attorney will review all the paperwork filed by the bank; in many instances missing or defective documents can result in a positive outcome for the homeowner. A real estate attorney can also negotiate with the bank on your behalf to reach an agreement, as well as represent you at settlement conferences or mediations. Moreover, there are several defenses a real estate attorney can raise in court to protect the homeowner.  An experienced and knowledgeable foreclosure attorney will be able to expedite the process in the way that best suits your situation.



When you could be facing foreclosure, your lender may be willing to agree to a loan modification. Even if the lender refuses to cooperate, the law allows you to request loan modifications in certain instances. A skilled real estate lawyer can help you determine whether you qualify for a loan modification, help you understand all the documentation and processes involved, and can represent you during loan modification negotiations. A loan modification can help you drop the interest rate in your mortgage and can reduce your monthly payments by changing into a fixed-rate mortgage or by extending payment duration. Consult an experienced and skilled real estate attorney to understand the possible dangers and advantages of a loan modification as applied to your particular situation.