Irama Valdes, P.A. delivers the highly personalized counsel and support only a small law firm can provide. The Firm serves individuals and families throughout Florida who have legal needs involving Estate Planning, Probate, Guardianship and Related Litigation, i.e., planning for and dealing with death and incapacity. They strive to provide effective and efficient service for all clients.

“You are more than just an estate or a guardianship. You are a family within our family. Your problems become our problems and we work around the clock to help you find a solution.” – Irama Valdes, Esq.

With the utmost compassion and caring, Attorney Valdes and her staff members take the time to fully discuss your options to help you make the best-informed decisions. Attorney Valdes has gained a reputation for a keen eye for detail and helping her clients achieve their goals efficiently and cost-effectively, and you can trust that she and her staff will remain in regular contact with you to address your questions and concerns as they arise while offering timely updates as to the status of your case.

The Firm strongly believes in keeping all clients updated frequently about their case, no matter how small the achievement. When you call the office, you will speak to a staff member or attorney that knows even the most minute details about your case. It is also the Firm’s policy to return emails promptly so that you never feel left in the dark or spend days waiting for a response.

Honored for their outstanding client service, Irama Valdes, P.A. has enjoyed numerous positive testimonials and referrals from satisfied clients, and they find great reward in being able to help so many with their most serious and important legal decisions.

As a licensed attorney in the state of Florida who exclusively practices probate, guardianship, family and estate planning, Attorney Valdes can assist you in your case and in helping you plan for you, your loved ones and your future, no matter your location.

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Estate and Guardianship matters are highly personal, and when the time comes to address them, it can be challenging and emotional. It is important to have a legal team on your side who can make you feel comfortable and confident. At Irama Valdes, P.A., our clients can expect:

  • Prompt communication. Our law firm purposely remains small, and we limit our caseload so we can dedicate the time and energy every client deserves. When you have a question or you need an update on your legal matter, you will receive a quick response and a detailed explanation of what’s happening.
  • Understanding. Trusts & Estates is a unique area of law, one that involves facing tough questions about the death of a family member. Additionally, Guardianship matters involve real time issues regarding an incapacitated person who needs help now. We understand that whether you are dealing with a straightforward, uncontested will or a more complex, disputed issue, it can have a dramatic impact on your family. We are courteous and professional, and we care about our clients.
  • Realistic expectations. Unlike many general practice attorneys who may overpromise and under deliver, at Irama Valdes, P.A., we are honest and up front. This is a stressful time, and it is important to fully understand your legal rights and options. Our clients can feel confident because they know what to expect, and we help provide the guidance to reach the best possible outcome.
  • Experience and skill. In Florida, estate matters typically go through Probate Court, regardless of the complexity of the case. Even small mistakes can cost families valuable time and money and negatively impact the success of your case. We dedicate the practice to probate administration, guardianship administration, and related litigation, so we know what to expect and how to navigate the system most effectively.