At Irama Valdes, P.A. we understand the sensitive nature and significance of keeping your loved ones safe. If you have a relative or loved one who is suffering from a mental illness or from substance abuse, don’t wait to act.  Florida law allows us to protect the best interests of incapacitated individuals through mental health proceedings. Our attorneys utilize the law and their experience to protect the best interest of those individuals and guide you through the process to better comfort and support them, and make sure they are properly being cared for.

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Can we sell the property in Probate??

I’m constantly in shock with how much bad advice there is out there and how many attorneys are practicing probate without knowing even the simplest of rules.  Take this case I took over about a year ago… Names and identities have been changed to protect the *innocent*. A son and daughter lost their father. Let’s…

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Homestead and Life Estates… Now What?

In Florida, homestead property is subject to special rules regarding distribution at death. If a person who owns homestead property dies, their surviving spouse may be entitled to a life estate in the property, depending on the circumstances. Under Florida law, if a person who owns homestead property dies and is survived by a spouse,…

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Elective Share… What do I get??

In Florida, a surviving spouse has the right to elect to take a portion of the deceased spouse’s homestead property as a tenancy in common with the deceased spouse’s children, instead of taking a life estate in the entire property. There are so many statutes on this (Check them out HERE) so I’ll try to…

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